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The Buylist Basics

A buylist is a list of cards you own that you want to sell to us. The buylist prices listed are what we will pay you for that card. Once you fill up your cart, you need to submit your buylist and choose your payment option. Then you ship the cards to us and we pay you for them.

1. Please CREATE AN ACCOUNT before filling up your buylist cart so you can always come back to it. If you notice your cart becomes empty after logging into your account, click the BUYLIST link at the top to refresh it.

2. Use the search bar above or BROWSE BY SET to search through our extensive buylist. Prices you see are what we are paying.

3. You can also try out the BUYLIST BUILDER in the navigation bar at the top of this page for pasting lists of cards.

4. We DO buy played cards. Just select the cards you want to sell and we will grade them upon arrival. Played condition prices are shown in the table below.

5. You can sell bulk cards (cards not individually listed on our buylist) to us as well. CLICK HERE TO SELL BULK CARDS.

Creating and Submitting a Buylist

We have 3 convenient ways to create a buylist so you can sell us your cards quickly.

1. BROWSE the singles categories, clicking on the expansions of the cards you want to sell.

2. SEARCH our entire buylist at once with the search bar at the top of the page. Just type in a card name.

3. BUYLIST BUILDER is a tool for pasting in a list of card names. It returns prices for all of the cards you enter.

When you choose to sell us cards, they will appear in the cart located in the upper right hand corner of the site. To edit your cart or checkout, just click the "Submit Buylist" button. You will need to create an account with us to submit a buylist. If you create an account after you have items in your cart, your items may seem to disappear from your cart. Just click the BUYLIST link at the top of the page to fix it.

Shipping your Buylist

1. Wait for the confirmation email, which typically takes less than a few hours. This tells you that we have approved your buylist request and that we are now waiting for your cards.

2. Please include a printout of your buylist approval email with your cards. Cards must be sorted in the order they are shown in this email. Failing to sort your cards may result in a 5% sorting fee, but small errors are ok.

3. We are not responsible for damaged or lost packages. We suggest you get tracking with your shipment, and insurance on expensive orders. To prevent damage to your cards, follow OUR SHIPPING TIPS.

4. Your buylist must be sent promptly. If we do not receive your buylist within 10 days of approval, we reserve the right to cancel or adjust prices according to market changes.

5. You can combine multiple buylist submissions in one package. Just make sure to include the buylist emails for each one and clearly mark which cards go with which order.

6. Packages must be addressed as follows. Put your buylist number in place of the XXXX. This address is for shipping purposes only.

MTG Seattle
Buylist #XXXX
3815 S Othello St Ste 100 / 334
Seattle, WA 98118

Played Condition Prices

1. We buy played cards according to the table below. All buylist prices on our site assume a near-mint copy. For cards that are not near-mint, the prices will be adjusted according to this table after we finish grading your cards.

2. We do not buy damaged, altered, signed, or foreign cards. This includes cards with heavy odors, like smoke. Such cards will be returned to you with your check payment. If you are receiving a paypal payment, you can choose to have us return these cards to you at your expense, if you wish.

2. Once we grade your order, we will send your payment. If you would like to know the total before we send the payment, please say so in the comments section of your buylist submission.

Condition% of NM Price
Near Mint (NM) 100%
Light Play (LP) 80%
Moderate Play (MP) 60%
Heavy Play (HP) 40%

For definitions of these conditions, check out the CARD CONDITION GUIDE.

Payment Options

1. Paypal (Any Amount) - We send paypal payments within hours of grading your cards, which gives you the fastest payment for your buylist. Normal paypal fees apply.

2. Check (Minimum Order Value of $25 before grading) - Checks are made payable to the name submitted with your buylist. Checks are sent within 2 days of grading. Please allow up to 7 business days for your check to arrive via mail. We do not send checks internationally. If you would like to receive a check for an order with a value less than $25, we will apply a $1 shipping fee to your order to cover our expense.

3. Store Credit (Any Amount) - We offer 25% additional store credit when choosing this option. Store credit can be used to buy anything on our site.

4. MTGO Credit (Any Amount) - We run the MTGOEmpire bot chain on Magic Online. MTGO Empire is one of the largest and best stocked bot chains on Magic Online. If you would like to receive MTGOEmpire bot credit as payment, please mention so in the comments section of the buylist submission. You must also include your MTGO username.

5. Bitcoin (Any Amount) - We have begun offering bitcoin payments via special request. If you would like to receive bitcoin as a payment, please mention so in the comments section of the buylist submission. We will contact you regarding the details.